Fitness is a type of recreational gymnastics gaining more and more popularity. With the growing demand for leading a healthy lifestyle, also fitness began to gain more and more popularity. The most popular place for fitness is specially designed clubs. However, if we cannot afford an expensive ticket, then there is nothing to prevent you from creating a small club at home, which will not give you anything professional. Of course, fitness equipment comes with help.

If you do not like the gym - the crowding, the smell of sweat, attacking choppers from loudspeakers and the glances of “advanced in training” guys, i.e., those who look like 10 years wearing TVs - train at home. With the best home gym equipment, you can also build a life form. Provided that you will be using equipment that really comes in handy.

Before you buy exercise equipment, plan your training!

First of all, think about which body parts you care about and what effect you want to achieve:

The best for people who want to improve their fitness. It strengthens most of the muscles, without focusing on their specific type.

It is also an excellent form of movement for pregnant women or people requiring rehabilitation

Cardio training - for people who want to burn fat.

• Interval training - for people who want to improve the efficiency of the body.

• Strength training - for people who want to increase muscle density.

Weight training - for people who want to increase muscle mass.

These are most used, and the best home gym equipment are given below:

Large elastic ball

It can be used to make crunches, but also to stretch the muscles of the back or Pilates training. The scope of its application is indeed very wide. Body ball is a safe sport, during which you will not hurt yourself. Fitness with the use of balls mobilizes abdominal muscles, thighs, and buttocks to work, which allows you to sculpt and slim your figure.

Skipping rope

Perfect for those who care about the intense burning of calories. Jumping is endurance training; therefore, it requires discipline. But the first results will appear very soon!

A stationary bike or treadmill

It is also an excellent solution for those who care about cardio and those who are fans of interval training. Today’s treadmills and stationary bikes have programmed workouts, during which the pace of exercise changes.


Elastic rubber

You can use it to strengthen muscles and improve body coordination. It takes up little space in the home gym, and has a massive number of applications. Rubber training allows you to sculpt the figure and burn calories. The gym is also irreplaceable in rehabilitation because with its use we can carry out stretching and muscle strengthening exercise.


The dumbbell is an ideal solution for those who care about fat burning in best home gym equipment, as well as those who want to increase muscle mass. Advice for slimming - make as many reps as possible in the series with a small load, information for those who fight for mass - do as many repetitions as possible with the most significant load.

Exercise Mat

It prevents slipping on the floor. And the floor is a place where we can and do strength training, and stretch, and introduce elements of cardio exercises. The mat is really useful, especially if you plan to use DVD training.

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